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G.A.Y Auckland brought the celebrations this New Year’s Eve, ensuring Auckland's K Road remains the G.A.Yest Road! Photos | Peter Jennings
Family NYE Main
Auckland’s biggest LGBTQ+ multi-story superclub Family Bar was packed to the rafters as queer Kiwis celebrated the New Year in style! Photos | Peter Jennings Family Bar & Club, 270 Karangahape Road, Auckland.
Express Magazine, New Zealand’s sole LGBTQ+ media, is proud to announce its transformation into YOUR EX, a vibrant and invigorated multi-media platform dedicated to celebrating the diverse voices and experiences of the queer community in Aotearoa. READ THE LATEST EDITION HERE! “I picked YOUR EX up at Countdown Ponsonby”  Express Magazine, now YOUR...
Few political allies were ever closer to Georgina Beyer than pioneering Labour MP and fellow Rainbow Caucus member Tim Barnett. Writing exclusively for express, Tim reflects on the extraordinary political presence of his close friend, Georgina Beyer. How can words do justice to a human force of nature who lived...
Respecting our Elders
Michael Stevens reflects on ageism in the Rainbow community and asks, ‘where is the support for older queers?’ Last month, the first retirement community specifically for LGBTQ+ seniors opened in London. There are a few in other big cities; Berlin has had one since 2008. I doubt we’ll ever see one...
Taylor Swan
Taylor Swan is a Diversity Liaison Officer and Dispatcher for NZ Police’s Emergency Communication Centre. He talks to Oliver Hall about the Rainbow inclusive changes NZ Police are making and his experience of physically transitioning while working there. WHY DID YOU INITIALLY WANT TO JOIN NZ POLICE? Like many kids growing...
G.A.Y Auckland celebrated its 3rd Birthday with six shows featuring talented queens (from both Auckland and Wellington), jello shots and beats from Resident D.Js JamesJ, Harry and Karl Moser. Photos | Peter Jennings.

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