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putin Russia
Russia has granted initial approval to a proposed bill that seeks to prohibit gender-affirming healthcare for transgender individuals of all ages. Sponsored by senior politician Pyotr Tolstoy, the bill claims to safeguard Russia's 'cultural, family values, and traditions' while combating the 'perceived infiltration' of Western anti-family ideology. Lawmakers also...
Russian authorities have included the NC SOS Crisis Group, a human rights organisation defending LGBTQ+ individuals, in the country's contentious 'foreign agents' registry. The concerning move, which was made on May 5th, also targeted Maria Pevchikh, the chair of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, and her associate Georgy Alburov, who was...
Romania 'Gay propaganda'
New legislation that would see Romanian schools banned from using any materials that "promote" being LGBTQ+ has been approved by the nation's Senate and could soon become law. Following success in the Senate, the bill will now be debated in Romania's Lower House has been sold as a measure to...

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