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Pope Francis
In a ground-breaking declaration, Pope Francis has signalled a shift in the Vatican's stance towards LGBTQ+ inclusivity, permitting priests to bless same-sex unions. The declaration, aligning with Pope Francis' inclusive vision since his papacy began in 2013, marks a significant deviation from past practices. It advocates for the Church's openness...
Pope Francis
In his ongoing bid to make the Catholic Church more inclusive, Pope Francis affirmed to a young transgender individual that they are loved by God just as they are. This statement, announced by the Vatican's press office on Tuesday, echoes the Pontiff's continued outreach towards the LGBTQ+ community. The dialogue...
Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida
A senior executive in Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Toshiaki Endo, announced plans to push for the passage of a law promoting LGBTQ+ rights before the nation hosts the G7 summit in less than a month. Endo, the head of the LDP's general affairs council, has expressed his plans...

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