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Humza Yousaf
The Scottish Government has announced plans to enact a bill targeting misogyny, which will extend its protection to include trans women. This legislation, slated for introduction before the end of the current parliamentary session in 2026, aims to combat prejudice and violence against all women and girls. During an interview...
Rishi Sunak
Peter Spooner, the father of Brianna Ghey, a transgender teenager tragically murdered last year, has called for an apology from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak following a controversial comment made during a session of Prime Minister’s Questions. The comment, perceived as a jibe about trans women while Ghey’s mother was...
Despite being a regional leader in the legal recognition of LGBTI+ rights, Mexico sadly ranks second in Latin America for reported hate crimes against the community. A recent study by The National Observatory of Hate Crimes Against LGBTI+ Persons in Mexico revealed a disturbing trend, with the country witnessing 305...

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