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Vietnam LGBTQ+
In a significant step for transgender rights, Vietnam's parliament may introduce a new gender identity law to its agenda in the coming year. Lawmaker Nguyễn Anh Trí presented the proposal to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on April 10, emphasising the importance of protecting vulnerable populations and...
Vietnam LGBTQ+
Vietnam’s rainbow community is celebrating a significant step forward in LGBTQ+ rights after the nation’s health ministry finally declared that being LGBTQ+ is “not an illness.” The move by the nation’s ministry of health was announced in an official document stating that being LGBTQ+ is “entirely not an illness” and...
Vietnam Trans
A transgender man has made history in Vietnam after giving birth to his baby daughter on the 16th of May. The well-known transgender couple Minh Khang and Minh Anh welcomed their healthy 2.3kg baby daughter Thiên An into the world in Ho Chi Man City. The 24-year-old husband Khang, who was...

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