Kiss & Tell: What Keeps the Rumour Mill Spinning


Which shameless “Stylist” was falling over himself at the opening of NZFW begging for invites to every show. When he got what he wanted, our boy had a few too many bubbles and hadn’t realised he was wearing most of his drink.

Which mother hen is back in the game? “Best Shit Around” apparently! But be careful darl, it’s not been a year yet!

Dancing queens can breath a sigh of relief. “If there ain’t no love, then there ain’t no use!”


Which Capital award winning queen has to audition, but she finds out others were handed their spots. A storm is brewing!

What snap-happy shutterbug is busy flashing his wealth and his car to all his friends. But on the down-low is borrowing money from his parents and collecting WINZ. The car is leased, the house is rented. Be careful about falling out with friends who are known for their big mouths darling.

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