Parade Director Returns with Experienced Team in Tow


Auckland Pride Festival Incorporated has reappointed Richard Taki as the Auckland Pride Parade Director for 2015.

After directing last year’s Pride Parade, and marrying his partner Shane while in Auckland, Taki returned to Melbourne and his work at the Victorian College of the Arts. He was actively involved in the 20th International AIDS Conference in July, producing two new theatre works about people living with HIV/AIDS, and hosting the massive International AIDS 2014 Candlelight Vigil in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

“It’s great to be back supporting and growing our Rainbow Community’s gorgeous Pride Parade,” says Taki. “I’m looking forward to getting my sexy on, and seeing all of the beautiful gods and delicious monsters.  Registration forms are up on the Auckland Pride Festival website, so I’d suggest that you let me know your ideas and music now – before anyone else steals your song or look!”


Alongside the Auckland Pride Festival Board, Taki has been listening to a range of feedback from last year’s Auckland Pride Parade that has informed his planning and systems for 2015.

“There are two key operational areas that we’ll be working hard to improve with our learnings from 2014,” he says. “The gaps between floats and the set-up area.”

Taki acknowledges that the timing of gaps between the floats was too long for the 2014 Parade, and this will be rectified for 2015. The problem was exacerbated by several floats stopping, making the gaps even larger, so there will be an increased focus on issues around timing, choreography and stopping in next year’s pre-Parade training sessions and communications with participants.

The instructions given in the set-up area were also not clearly understood by all drivers and participants, causing some floats to get out of order.  More senior coordinators will be assigned to this area in 2015, with a stronger emphasis on set-up and pack-down area procedures in training sessions and communications.

Most of the senior Parade volunteer team have already confirmed that they will be returning for 2015, along with the knowledge and experience that they accrued in 2014. The Parade team will continue to work alongside community groups and corporate partners to raise the presentation standard and wow factor of parade entries and floats.

“I’m sure you’ll be as happy as I am that Baz Bloomfield is returning as the Parade Registration Coordinator and Murray Broadmore will be back as Parade Volunteer Coordinator,” says Taki.  “These are volunteer roles that Baz and Murray have carried out with commitment, passion and pride in our community. Both put in almost as many hours as I did to bring last year’s Auckland Pride Parade to Ponsonby Road, and I’m very proud to be working alongside them again.”

 Article | gayexpress. Photo | Ari Caukwell of Richard Taki and Oliver Hall at last years Pride Gala