express brings you an insiders’ guide to the sites that will be putting the camp into camping this New Year.


Uretiti beach is a Department of Conservation campsite with limited facilities. It’s not exclusively gay but very gay friendly they will refuse entry to anyone they, “believe will not contribute to the family atmosphere.”


The un-official ‘gay side’ is to the right of the DOC hut when entering the main gates, keep an eye out for the rainbow flag by ‘Bruce’ – the bus!


If you’ve pitched a tent and noticed a distinct lack of Gaga and Gaynor prepare to be woken by the early risers you’re in ‘Nappy Valley my friend and children love to rise when the birds do.


Over the festive season, people start arriving from Boxing day, filling their days with surf casting, kai-moana, or sunbathing. Go to the right-side of the beach to sunbathe, it’s nude friendly with a local cruising spot known as  ‘The Library’ situated in the sand dunes that protect the camp site from the beach (but beware of gorse)!

uretitibeachOnce the 29th hits, Uretiti becomes a sea of sexy bodies, champagne flutes, rainbow flags and competing sound systems as new campers arrive and the join the festivities. This continues till New Years eve where things kick up a notch, the count down can be heard all over the camp site where bit by bit revelers head to the beach and enjoy illegal bonfires.

 Article & Photos | Tux Hika