Th news that syphilis is on the rise in Christchurch  comes after similar announcements in both Auckland and Hamilton within the last 12 months.

An increase in the number of syphilis cases is being reported among gay and bisexual men in the Christchurch region.

Average monthly syphilis cases in the city have increased 100% over the last 18 months. The NZAF says it is encouraging gay and bisexual men to use condoms and lube for anal sex and to get tested.


“If a person has syphilis, they are also more likely to get HIV and pass it on. It is vital to continue to use condoms and lube for anal sex because unprotected anal sex makes it easy for STIs and HIV to be passed on.” the NZAF says in a statement.

Syphilis is treatable so getting tested is very important for your own health and the health of your sexual partner(s) the NZAF says.

“Ask your GP for a full sexual health check-up, including for syphilis, or book a free check-up in Christchurch at NZAF Te Toka or Christchurch Sexual Health Services.”

If left untreated, syphilis can cause damage to your nerves, bones, skin, eyes and brain.

 Article | Levi Joule.