Academy Cinema Playing Gayby Baby in November


Academy cinema continues showcasing some of the world’s best GLBT films this month. November’s offering is the compelling Gayby Baby

Gayby Baby premiered in Australia at the Sydney Film Festival in June to widespread critical acclaim, with reviewers praising the candidness of the film.

Gayby Baby is undoubtedly motivated by the director’s support for marriage equality and attempts to counter the conservative Christian narrative that same-sex marriage is harmful to children and premiers at a difficult time for those involved in the equal marriage fight, with recent setbacks meaning marriage equality is unlikely to become a reality in the country anytime soon.


Filmed over the course of three and a half years, Gayby Baby explores the lives of Australian teenagers Gus, Ebony, Matt and Graham, all of whom have same-sex parents. The film explores how growing up as a ‘gayby’ has impacted the children.  The documentary film was conceived and directed by Maya Newell, herself a ‘gayby’ raised by two lesbian parents.  Newell says that she felt that in the same-sex marriage debate in the Australian media, “no one was actually talking to any kids”

The reaction to the film is perhaps the most compelling reason to check it out. Gayby Baby has achieved its goal of sparking discussion and has added to the discussion being had around same-sex marriage and gay parenting, providing a fist hand insight on the subject.

However, not all have taken the opportunity to become enlightened on the topic of same-sex parenting. Gayby Baby has recently been at the centre of a political uproar, with the New South Wales Premier banning the film from being shown in state schools after a proposed fundraiser, resulting in many schools being forced to host after-hour screenings to skirt the ban.

Portraying real life teenagers of gay parents, telling their stories and provoking intense reactions – Gayby Baby proves why good documentary filmmaking is so important.

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 Article | Levi Joule.