Fran Wilde says she will leave her position on the Greater Wellington Council before the next local body elections are held in October 2016.

Ms Wilde stepped down from her position as chairwoman of GWRC after the Wellington super-city plan was scrapped in June, and has since secured a new role as chair of the Remuneration Authority.

In announcing her resignation, Wilde acknowledging the conflict of interest her current position as councillor presented to her new role on the authority.


She also cited “less effective solutions” at the regional council for her decision, referencing the decision to scrap the Wellington super city proposal.

The former Labour MP for Wellington Central is most well known for introducing the Homosexual Law Reform legislation which will mark its 30th anniversary in 2016.

Following the announcement, The Dominion Post wrote in an editorial paying tribute to the former MP. “Fran Wilde will be remembered for leading the movement to abolish our brutal law against homosexuals.”

“There aren’t many politicians who can say they achieved a major social and political reform that was also wholly good. Wilde, now retiring after a long political career, is one of them.”