Malcolm Pacific Immigration Renews Sponsorship of Outline


Former partners Malcolm Pacific and Outline have reunited in a bid to increase the accessibility of face-to-face counselling services for GLBT people in New Zealand.

“Malcolm Pacific have had a relationship with OUTline for a number of years,” says Outline manager Trevor Easton in an interview with express, “There was a gap, but express introduced us again and we started chatting about what was the best way to get together.”

Both Outline and Malcolm Pacific play important roles within the GLBT community. Outline provides counselling services for members of the queer community in need. Malcolm Pacific work to help people get visas for New Zealand, and have extensive experience in immigration solutions for queer people.


“We have spent many years helping people who are transsexual, HIV positive or in gay relationships get residency into NZ,” comments Director of Client Services at Malcolm Pacific, David Cooper.

Malcolm Pacific has committed to sponsoring the pro-bono work that Outline already does and a lot more. “We will be able to do a lot more towards counselling these people in need,” says Easton. Confirming that with Malcolm Pacific’s help, Outline will be able to assist “ten clients for six sessions over the next three to six months.”

This boost in funding will allow Outline to service clients who can not afford to pay the heavily reduced rates that Outline provides for face-to-face counselling. “The demand has dramatically changed,” comments Easton, “and there is a huge need for face-to-face counselling in New Zealand.