The advocacy for same-sex marriage and support of queer rights has become a major American election issue this year. Shots have been fired from all camps, including dredging up Clinton’s support of DOMA, and Bernie Sanders’ previous reluctance to talk openly about gay marriage. In spite of slanderous political campaigning, it would be folly to say that either Clinton or Sanders will not support the GLBTI+ community in their Presidency.

Donald Trump on the other hand? The republican front-runner told Fox News Sunday he would appoint a Supreme Court Justice who would reverse marriage equality in USA. Trump also advocates for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) which exposes the rainbow community state supported discrimination, stating that he would “preserve and protect our religious liberty… we’re going to protect the First Amendment.”

Republican candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz also openly discuss their adversity to gay marriage, showing that a Republican presidency no matter the candidate will result in a real step backwards for GLBTI+ rights in America.


For queer Americans, the obvious choice in regards to sexuality sexual freedom are the Democrats. However, many queer Americans also struggle with religious boundaries and traditional upbringings that align their views on issues outside of gay marriage and GLBTI+ rights more closely with the Republican mantras.

The Human Rights Campaign is encouraging Americans to #DumpTrump in their latest surge towards protecting queer rights. The organisation commented that America “need[s] a fearless champion for equality who will fight his [Trump’s] hateful, anti-LGBT worldview — and fight for us each and every day she sits in the Oval Office” revealing a clear preference towards Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s popularity among 65+ white males, particularly from South Eastern states, seems to suggest that the America that Donald Trump is looking to create looks, speaks, and acts the same way that he does.

None of the Presidential candidates have perfect records when it comes to queer rights issues of the past – but a vote for the Democrats at least ensures that GLBTI+ issues will be treated with care and respect in the future.