Facebook sensation and instigator of a meme circulating the internet recently, the Lad Bible, have publicly apologised to the subject of their meme, openly gay actor Wentworth Miller after he posted a heartfelt response on his Facebook page yesterday.

Thousands of people came to Miller’s aid with messages of support.

The LAD Bible, known for their oft offensive memes and frequent videos of hilarity and stupidity, responded with an apology acknowledging their mistake and apologising for dredging up pain felt by Wentworth during a time in which he suffered intense depression.


On their popular Facebook page, The LAD Bible said the following:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.08.47 PM
The internet group mimicked Miller’s post in listing suicide and depression helplines.

Miller is yet to respond to The LAD Bible’s apology.

It is unclear if this exchange will effect the usual type of material shown on The LAD Bible’s Facebook page which often focuses on paparazzi style stories and mind numbing (but admittedly humorous) youtube videos.