Australian Web Series Tracks Gay Kiwi Coming of Age Story


The brand new web series Quite Frankly is a coming-of-age gay story unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and might just be the world’s first gay stoner comedy.

Centred around the life of Frank Hankins, an early twenty-something millennial who moves to Sydney from New Zealand and starts coming to terms with his sexuality, Quite Frankly is based on the on the real-life experience of the show’s creator Louis Moore, who also plays the lead character.

“I guess in my short-lived life, the biggest hurdle was coming to terms with my sexuality,” Miller told Star Observer.


“I grew up in a smaller town outside of Auckland and I wasn’t surrounded by many gay people like in a city. As soon as I saw the LGBTI community, it was big and magical for me but I was very removed from it.

“When I accepted it and told people, nothing changed, they didn’t blink an eye.

“I came to the conclusion the LGBTI and homosexual community was painted a specific way, it made me feel confused and I felt excluded. The minute you were gay you were put in territory of larger-than-life person, having a fabulous personality.”

Source and Image | Star Observer