Italy Now Legally Recognises Same Sex Unions

A woman holds her banner in front of the Colosseum during the annual gay pride parade in downtown Rome June 15, 2013. REUTERS/Max Rossi (ITALY - Tags: SOCIETY)

Italy has made a leap forward in gay rights this week with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s confidence vote on a bill which grants legal rights to gay couples in the country.

After years of lobbying against the oppression of the Catholic Church, the Italian government will now allow same sex couples to share a surname and be legally able to inherit their partner’s assets in the same way that heterosexual couples are considered the next of kin.

Although Italy still does not grant same sex couples the right to marry for adopt, this is a massive step forward in a country where Catholicism plays a huge role in everyday life.


The bill was passed by vast majority with votes sitting at 372 to 51 with 99 absentations.

On facebook, Prime Minister Renzi wrote that “today is a day of celebration for so many.”

Image | America Pink