Call for Submissions on Petition to Reverse Historic Homosexual Convictions


The New Zealand Government are calling for submissions in support of Wiremu Demchick’s petition to pass legislation which creates a process of reversing convictions for Homosexual acts prior to the 1986 Homosexual Law Reform Bill.

Submissions give you the chance to have your say on Demchick’s petition which was signed by 2,111 other people. These submissions will be presented to the Parliament’s Justice and Electoral Committee who will consider the submissions and recommend a plan of action in response.

The petition requests:


“That in the matter of those who were convicted of consensual homosexual acts prior to the Homosexual Law Reform Act 1986, the House, (a) promptly issue an official apology to those convicted, and (b) pass legislation which sets out a process for reversing the convictions of those convicted, both living and deceased, in a manner which upholds the mana and dignity of those convicted.”

Labour party’s Jacinda Ardern, who is a member of the select committee considering this petition, says that “It would be great to get as many submissions as possible.”

Committee chairperson, Jacqui Dean, said that “This petition addresses a very important part of New Zealand’s history and we’re looking forward to reading all the submissions.”

A guide to making a submission can be found on the government website at this address.

To make a submission, visit the New Zealand Government webpage.

Submissions to the Justice and Electoral Committee will close at midnight on 6 October 2016.