Unfairly Dismissed Trans Hairdresser Still Waiting on Compensation


Auckland trans hairdresser Dakota Hemmingson is still waiting to be paid the $15,000 worth of compensation she was awarded following her unfair dismissal suit against Barker’s Groom Room employer Matt Swann.

It was ruled that Hemmingson was forced out of her job when she came out as transgender and announced her transition in April 2015.

The courts awarded Hemmingson $11,000 in compensation, $3248 and $500 towards her legal costs, but is yet to see a cent of the money which is now owed to her.


Hemming son told the Herald that  “It’s awful [that] he has control of the situation.”

“The reality is if he can’t afford it I have to deal with him forever. I might have to deal with him for four to seven years.”

Fifteen months on from the trial, Hemmingson says she is just ready to move on with her life and saying “it would be so much nicer if I had an apology, I still have never had an apology.”