Source: The Local Denmark

Since January last year, Denmark has been allowing hormone treatment to be administered to youth from the age of 12 who feel they were born in the wrong body. Initial forecasts put 50 minors as the intended number to be treated, but this was blown apart in the first six months, and the new estimate for the year was revised to 130.

At 12, children are given hormone suppressors to stop puberty and then at 16, they receive the full hormone treatment that is usually irreversible.


Spokesperson of LGBT Danmark, Linda Thor Pedersen told Ritzau that “the large number of requests in Nordic countries is because we have been very late in starting treatment”.

The fact that children can start hormone therapy earlier is helpful as it stops puberty in its tracks: Adam’s Apples will not grow on transgender girls and hips will not widen on transgender boys.

Similar trends are being seen in the rest of Scandinavia, with forecasts for Sweden’s trans children to undergo treatment being placed at 200.

Being trans is also no longer a mental illness in Denmark, starting this year.