Whether it’s morning sex, before-bed sex, steamy middle of the day sex (lucky), or any other type of sex, we all know how mind-blowingly amazing it feels, as well as being an important part of intimacy with your partner.

But, what if we told you we know a few more surprising reasons to get freaky on a regular basis this month?!

1. Sex and your immune system

While it’s no secret that a little boom boom in the bedroom is mentally healthy, it turns out it also actually lends a hand to the old immune system.

Over one hundred university students were questioned about their sex lives, and had their immune systems tested for levels of an important cold-fighting antibody called Immunoglobulin A. Students having sex 1-2 times per week were found to have the highest Immunoglobulin A levels, and students having either no sex, or heaps of sex, had the lowest levels. So, while our pop-singer friend Rihanna so famously quoted, “My saddle is waiting, come and jump on it!”, we still must control ourselves, as too much sex can make our immune system worse!   


2. It’s more of a workout than you might think!

Even though it doesn’t quite stack up against a proper gym workout or going for a run, plus
you can’t
legally do it in the gym – this is not a challenge, nor does anyone at express endorse this! – sex burns a surprisingly decent amount of calories, and can be quite the cardio workout! Although, we’re pretty sure you were well-aware of the cardio involved in this rigorous activity.

During sex, the average person engages many important muscles in the body, including their butt, core, arms and legs, allowing them to burn up to 150 calories! We aren’t saying ditch the gym just yet, but a quick poll amongst friends confirms which one sounds more appealing.

3. The key to staying young?

Neuro-psychologist, David Weeks, has done 10 years of study on the secrets to looking and feeling younger – so it’s safe to say this guy knows what he is talking about!

In his research, he found that the most important factor in staying young was being physically and mentally active. And coming in second right behind that? You guessed it – regular sexy time! Not only does it keep your brain stimulated, but also keeps all five senses alert and working.

4. Orgasms can block pain

We aren’t even lying about this one, we promise! When you achieve that highly coveted O, your brain actually releases a chemical that has the ability to block pain!

Whether it’s just a few niggly aches and pains, a stubbed toe from that stupid hall table you got conned into buying, or that all too familiar pain from a love-conquest turned sour, this chemical temporarily stops all of this!

So if you were about to grab yourself another beer, or pour yourself that extra glass of wine, stop exactly what you are doing and do something – or someone – else instead!

If it’s the health benefits youre after, or if they have just become a much more attractive consequence, grab your beau, your bae, your boo – or all three – and get to it!

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