Greens Pledge $5 Million for LGBTI+ School Support


The Green Party have pledged funding LGBTI+ school support services to the tune of $5 million in its new youth mental health policy.

“We need to ensure that every student is safe at school and that our schools are contributing towards breaking down stigma and discrimination against gender and sexuality,” says Green Party rainbow spokesperson Jan Logie.

“The Green Party will fund and support the establishment, development, and growth of LGBTI+ peer led programmes, and services and support groups for LGBTI+ young people.”

An evaluation of the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project revealed the sexuality, gender diverse and intersex youth were less served by the project than other youth.


“Each student has the right for their unique identity to be recognised, respected and celebrated,” says Logie.

“Preventing bullying and social prejudices, stopping harassment, challenging homophobia and transphobia, mental health promotion, and suicide prevention are all needed in our schools.”