One half of our favourite Grooms spills the tea on his MAFS experience.


Where did you grow up and how was life growing up for you?


I grew up on the west coast beach in Piha. Life was pretty simple, nothing extreme.

When did you first realise you were gay?

 I always had an inkling towards my last year at High School but didn’t know if it was something acceptable.

When did you first come out and who was it to?

It was when I was 21 years old. I remember the day exactly and I was in Sydney. It was my brother who I told first, then my sister and then parents.

Do you consider your coming out journey to have been a hard one?

To be completely honest, no. I woke up one morning and I don’t know why I thought that morning was the moment to tell everyone but it just happened and felt so natural.

You’ve just started talking about past relationships on the show, how many significant relationships have you had?

I have only had one that left me absolutely heartbroken…

How did your family react when you told them you were going on Married at First Sight?

My family were quite shocked at first, but not at the fact me doing such a thing, more the concept of the show and marrying a stranger. They 100% supported me and backed my decision and loved every moment of our wedding day.

What were you hoping going on the show would do for you?

I always came onto the show saying if I don’t find a husband, I at least want to come out of it with a best friend and another great group of friends.

How important do you think it is that this show includes a same-sex wedding?

I think its 100% important. It shows that New Zealand is a country and nation who can support and be open-minded on this important matter, and it is a good opportunity for our community to be represented on national television.

Did you watch Aaron & Ben on last year’s MAFS? If so, what did you think about their scenario and how it played out?

I only watched parts of it, as I was in Australia some of the time but there were definitely some scenes between them that were a bit uncomfortable. However having been through the experiment now myself I have more empathy as to how challenging it would have been for them to have their difficult relationship out on TV.

Do you have a message for the LGBT viewers who are watching you on the show?

I really do, and it is an important one. I have found since being on the show the biggest trolls, non-supporters and nasty people with an opinion are those from within the LGBTQ community, it’s so disheartening to see this behaviour from these peers. You need to all be supporting one another and picking each other up, not bringing each other down. I am very fortunate to have a thick skin, know myself inside and out – but some others might not be this strong. Being the only same-sex couple on the show, already spotlights and makes you stand out from the rest, so when negativity comes into play there is really just no need for it.

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