Ahurei Atawhai Takatāpui

Gee Pikinga
Gee Pikinga

In celebration of Mental Health Week (23-29 September), the ATAWHAI Festival promotes wellness and positivity for Māori, Pasifika, and people of diverse ethnicities, with a day dedicated LGBTQI+ communities. 

TheATAWHAI Festival runs from September 16 through to the end of October. The festival includes Ahurei Atawhai Takatāpui– a one-day event on Saturday 21 September that aims to address the ‘minority within a minority’ mentality that exists for Māori, Pasifika, and people of diverse ethnicities within LGBTQI+ spaces.

The day will feature workshops and panel discussions from Takatāpui leaders, influencers, and artists, including Gee Pikinga (pictured), Brady Peeti, Jacob Tamata , and Ardon England. 

Also watch out for Pride Boxing at Boxing Central which is designed to a build a strong, confident and empowered queer community while breaking down stigma and discrimination within the boxing industry one punch at a time!

For more infomation head to www.taurimavibes.co.nz