Getting Tested Is Easier Than Ever 


Ending HIV wants all men (cis or trans) who have sex with men to get into the habit of testing for HIV at least twice a year – and they’re making it easier than ever with their Home HIV Test kits. 

The test is an oral swab – you just run an absorbent pad along your top and bottom gums, then pop it in a vial of developer liquid and wait 20 minutes for a result. It’s kind of like a pregnancy test, but you don’t have to pee on it! And there’s no blood required, which will be a relief for the more squeamish of us. 

“Not everyone can make it to a testing clinic, for a whole range of reasons,” says NZAF’s Jason Myers. “A lot of people live in rural locations or don’t have easy transport options, or just find it difficult to fit appointments in, around their busy lives. This is where home testing can help make things a lot easier. 


“And we have to be mindful that not everyone is comfortable talking to their GP about gay sex,” he says. “This can be especially hard for people in small towns, where everyone knows everyone.” 

If you’re in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch then the NZAF team would love to keep seeing you at their free clinics, where you can also test for other STIs and have any sexual health questions answered by friendly peer testers. If you’re using a Home Test, peer testers are also available on the phone to talk you through the test instructions, or to discuss your result. 

Right now, Ending HIV is giving away a free limited-edition toothbrush with every Home Test ordered online. Head to to claim yours – brush twice a day, test twice a year!