The Conversion Therapy Action Group’s Harry Robson urges all New Zealander’s to take action to get the damaging practise outlawed.

Conversion therapy is an issue which matters for all New Zealanders. If we cannot ensure our vulnerable and youth are not preyed upon by those filled with hate and malice then it is conceited of us to think we live in a just or benevolent society. 

Conversion therapy kills. It is a fundamentally unethical and dangerously inefficacious practice because none of its techniques and methods have ever been shown to work at all by impartial scientific research. What scientific research has been able to show is that conversion therapy invariably leaves its victims with long-term psychological trauma which not uncommonly results in suicide and self-harm. Conversion therapy teaches people to despise and reject themselves. Conversion therapy is toxic. 


You wouldn’t allow an abuser to destroy your loved ones, so why are you allowing queer people to suffer?

If you truly, genuinely care for queer people then you need to take action. 

An opinion is not enough, action is what matters. Action is all that matters, action is all that can matter. Simply holding a viewpoint has never bettered anyone’s life. Positive change necessitates proactivity.

What can you do to support the fight against conversion therapy?

Contact your M.P. to let them know you believe conversion therapy should be banned for all ages in NZ. Raise awareness of conversion therapy through organising events and social media engagement. Find out who practices conversion therapy and why. Most importantly, take personal responsibility to protect and care for our queer people. Volunteer for organisations such as OUTLine. And in your day-to-day life, be mindful of how you can make others feel loved and accepted for who they are while deterring and curtailing bigotry and prejudice when you encounter it. 

Virtue-signalling is not enough. It’s time for tangible, meaningful action.

You can support the Conversion Therapy Action Group through liking End conversion therapy in Aotearoa New Zealand on Facebook and following @endconversiontherapynz on Instagram.