The New Conservatives are blaming the hack on “the Left.”

The New Conservative Party has been left red-faced after its social media pages were hacked to support the LGBT community, in contrast to its anti-gay stance.

The original post, which accompanied a rainbow-coloured version of the right-wing party’s logo, which has now been deleted read:


“We have been listening to the demands of our constituents and have come to understand that our prior policies regarding the Rainbow community are not in-line with the realities of our nation,” the hacked post reads.

“Over the next weeks and months, we will be amending policy, listening to community voices in order to build a fairer and more equal Aotearoa for our LGBTQIA+ whanau.”

The post is in direct contradiction to New Conservative’s position on marriage which is to roll back same-sex marriage, making it between a man and woman exclusively. The party says it believes in the “traditional definition of marriage as between one biological man and one biological woman, with all other legal arrangements categorised as civil unions”.

A party spokesperson has blamed “the Left” for the hack.

“Unfortunately, the Left have utilised usual deception to take out one of our pages,” Deputy Leader of the New Conservative Party Elliot Ikilei said.

“They can suppress for a short time but freedom will win in the end,” he said on a new Instagram post.