Immigration NZ Apologies for Linking to Slang Page Calling Gay Men “Bum Bandits”


The page lists ‘bum bandit’ as a term for homosexual males.  

Immigration NZ have been left red faced after linking to a slang website that refers to gay men as ‘bum bandits.’

The government agency says the link was “completely inappropriate” and have apologised for their mistake.


The link was on New Zealand Now, which is the official website of Immigration NZ.

Under a subheading highlighting “Kiwi slang and accent” the letter B is for “bum bandit” and listed as a slang term for a “homosexual male”.

General Manager for Immigration NZ Steve McGill says the site is meant to provided information for migrants living and working in New Zealand.

“The guide to New Zealand slang is produced by an external organisation and was linked from the website to provide useful information for new migrants in the way New Zealanders talk,” McGill told

“Although the material is provided by an external organisation, INZ agrees the reference is completely inappropriate.” McGill said.

The reference has since been removed and Mr McGill has offered an apology to the gay community for its original inclusion. “INZ would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any offence caused.”

Rainbow NZ Charitable Trust chairman, Gresham Bradley said the term was “insulting and offensive” and welcomed the removal of the link.

“It’s bizarre that word would even be included because it’s such an old insult. It dates back to my grandparents’ time in the 1930s and ‘40s.”