Gold-Medal winning diver Tom Daley says he is making it his mission to ban nations where being LGBTQ+ is punishable by death from competing in the Olympics.

Daley, who made the comments while accepting an award for his sporting achievements at the 2021 Attitude Awards, declared he would campaign to have countries that carry the death penalty for LGBTQ+ people banned from the Olympics.

“I think it’s really important to try and create change, rather than just highlighting or shining a light on those things.” 


“So I want to make it my mission over the next, well, hopefully before the Paris Olympics in 2024, to make it so that the countries criminalise and [where it’s] punishable by death for LGBT people are not allowed to compete at the Olympic Games.”

Daley also highlighted that there were more openly LGBTQ+ athletes during the Tokyo games than at “any of the previous Olympics combined, which is a great step forward.”
Despite the progress, Daley also added that there are “still ten countries that punish being gay with death that were still allowed to compete at the Olympic games.”

“The World Cup coming up in Qatar has extreme rules against LGBT people and about women, and I think it should not be allowed for a sporting event to host in a country that criminalises against basic human rights,” Daley said.

“So, that is going to be my mission now to try and change that.”