USA: Man Arrested After Threatening To Cut The Gay Out Of His Brother


Police in the U.S State of Florida have arrested a man after he threatened to cut the “gay” out of his own brother with a kitchen knife.

35-year-old David Martinez was arrested after Police were called out to a “violent dispute” between Martinez and his brother.

Upon arriving at the address, it is reported that the victim told Police that Martinez was sharpening a kitchen knife as he threatened to kill him in the Miami property – which the pair had been fighting for ownership rights of.


Speaking with investigators, the victim claimed that Martinez had been “acting strangely” for about a week before the incident took place, in which Martinez said he was going to “cut the ‘gay’ out of him” as the victim attempted to flee from the backdoor entrance.

Martinez is then reported to have followed him outside before grabbing him and screaming at him to go back inside.

Police found an “irate and uncooperative” Martinez still at the house before a struggle broke out between officers and Martinez.

Police who were forced to call for backup are also reported to have confiscated a knife from the home.

Martinex was eventually arrested on felony assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment and remains in custody with a $22,000 bond.