Nine individuals were apprehended during Sydney’s Mardi Gras Parade last night after storming onto the parade route and fighting with police in front of the NSW Premier’s float.

According to reports, shortly after 9:30 PM, an individual associated with a pro-Palestinian protest group was seen attempting to hand over a flare to an onlooker beyond the metal barricades delineating the parade path.

Law enforcement was seen grappling with her to seize a banner that proclaimed “queer solidarity with Palestinian resistance” while the person attempted to advance to the centre of the street before being reined in by four officers back towards the barricade.


The incident occurred as Chris Minns, marking a historic participation as the first NSW Premier in the parade, was merely 20 meters away. Amidst the chaos, the police intervened to manage the situation as the group set off flares, creating a tumultuous scene. Despite the disturbance, Minns continued participating, which included a live interview with the ABC.

In total, authorities confirmed the arrest of seven men and two women who had ventured onto the parade route.

Following the arrest, the group has since criticised the police’s approach, arguing that the police used excessive force and defended their actions as a form of ‘peaceful protest’ in solidarity with Palestinian resistance against oppression.

Additionally, authorities confirmed the arrest of a 20-year-old woman who was detained for attempting to bring a packet of screws into the parade area, raising security concerns.

Despite these disruptions, organisers praised the overall conduct of the 120,000 attendees and 12,500 participants, celebrating the event’s success amidst minor disturbances.