Adrian Metcalfe wants to teach you the skills to turn problems and worries into opportunities.

Adrian Metcalfe is a coach and leadership trainer who spent 19 years in the British Army before moving to NZ with his (then) wife and family. It was in 2012 he ‘joined the dots’, realised he was gay and eventually moved up to Auckland to be with his (now) partner Daniel.

Adrian recommends coaching for anyone “facing a challenge, feeling stuck and who needs help exploring options, or wanting to develop personal and professional skills.”


He gives an example of a client he recently coached. “[They] had a pattern of achieving their fitness goal then sabotaging it for unknown reasons. After a bit of exploration, we realised that they had a ‘reason’ for being fit, which wasn’t actually being achieved through being fit. Through coaching I helped them connect with that higher purpose.”

Applying mental skills like visualisation, meditation and goal-setting, Adrian helps clients turn their challenges into opportunities and has even used some of these skills on himself.

“Learning coaching tools saved my relationship with my teenage daughter – I was using my old army skills in the family, which didn’t go down well.  By changing how I thought and how I communicated our relationship changed dramatically for the better.” Their bond assured she was the first person he came out too. Another challenge Adrian turned into opportunity.

For more info on Adrian visit or to book an coaching session call 022 327 4127.

Article | Oliver Hall 

Photo | Tux Hika