Lydia Zanetti takes a look at JK Rowling’s recent comments on GLBT characters in the Harry Potter series. 

J K Rowling has recently confirmed via Twitter that she did intend characters in the infamous Harry Potter series to be part of the LGBTIQ community.

Fans have come out of the woodwork wondering why she didn’t make it more explicit (Hermione going to a Straight-Gay Alliance group, perhaps? And where was the gay pub in Hogsmeade?) but overall people have been raving. Debate has also been sparked about who she’d been referring to – Katie Bell? Oliver Wood? – and whether Lupin’s werewolf symptoms and medicine reflect Muggles’ world HIV. Perhaps looking to Rowling for more stories of a young Dumbledore will sate some LGBTIQ wizarding curiosities… And what about a trans tale? Otherwise there’s always some Harry/Ron fan sites to get you through the holiday period…


And in case anyone forgot, there’s this old thing…

harry potter & draco


And then there’s Daniel Radcliffe RAPPING.


Hey, look, it’s no problem.

 Article | Lydia Zanetti.