Body Positive Board Releases Statement Saying They Have Ministry of Health Backing


The statement has been released just days prior to the organisation’s Special General Meeting to vote on a motion asking for Ashley Barratt’s removal as chairperson.

The letter released by the board in an email states that “the Ministry of Health is pleased with the strategic direction that the organisation is taking as this has potential to achieve the public health outcomes as set out in your public health service agreement. We look forward to continuing the good work relationship between Ministry officials, Mr Fisher, the Trust board and staff of Body Positive.”

Body Positive receives dedicated funding from the Ministry of Health to provide specific services to those living with HIV/AIDS and received a funding increase  at the start of 2015 as part of a new 3-year contract to $150,000 per annum.


The email which went to members of Body Positive and media, was sent by Ron Graham on behalf of the organisation’s board and says “with change comes uncertainty… We are pleased that we receive ongoing support from our partner organisations and specifically from the Ministry of Health, showing that we are meeting our contractual expectations.”

The email from Body Positive comes just days before members vote at a Special General Meeting (SGM) to determine whether or not chairperson Ashley Barratt will continue on in his role.

A number of unhappy Body Positive members behind the petition which triggered the SGM, have previously told express the discontent with Mr Barratt’s tenure as chairperson began around the time Body Positive announced the closure of its Wellington office, with members saying they did not feel adequately consulted regarding the decision