express fans took to Facebook with their health related queries, and Health 2000’s Stu Cook is here to make sure they know what is best for their body!

I have a lot of trouble going back to sleep after I have been woken up and it is really affecting me! How can I naturally encourage better sleep? – Sleepless in Auckland

Well, listless and light sleeping is one of those things that seems to affect more and more people. There are a number of things to consider in this area; the time you go to bed; what you do during the day and for a job, what you eat, what you don’t eat, what you drink; the list does go on. However, there is hope. First it’s understanding the why; what wakes you in the first place, are you feeling like boozeyou have a busy mind when you do wake up? Once you know the why it will help a lot. Here are my top five ways to have a restful night sleep:



• Remove refined sugars, don’t eat after 8pm, eat more wholefoods high in magnesium.

• Don’t drink alcohol every night, try to stop drinking water an hour or so before bed, stay away from sugary drinks especially energy drinks.

• Try to incorporate 30 minutes of vigorous exercise every day but not an hour before bed.

• Stretch for five minutes before bed every night, certain stretches induce sleep; breathing exercises before you climb into bed may also help.

• Try to clear your mind before bed, have a regular bed time where possible, don’t stay in bed unnecessarily. This will disrupt the body knowing that the bed is for sleeping (mainly).

I get sick at least twice a month. Usually it is a cold, or a sore throat and stuffy head. I live in a warm apartment and eat well, but I also work long hours. What can I do to keep healthy? – The Joy of Sickness

The body is an amazing machine, treat it right it will last a lifetime. The key to a healthy body is all in the gut. Immunity is compromised when we are eating the wrong foods and the gut becomes imbalanced with more bad bacteria than good. Introducing a good probiotic to your diet can really help, as can reducing refined sugar in your diet. Getting sick isn’t necessarily about the cold, it’s usually about what you eat and how your gut reacts!

My skin is my worst enemy. Every other day I am having break outs. I’m in my thirties and have noticed that my skin is also very oily. Even the most expensive washes don’t seem to work. How can I support my skin health? – Smooth as a Baby’s Bottom

Glass of table-water.

The skin is an amazing organ, it’s also the final frontier of expelling toxins from the body. First things first, are you drinking enough water? It is important to help flush the body of toxins and general daily waste. Giving yourself a liver detox can also be good. As the initial processing unit, when it becomes overworked it pushes it on to the kidneys and finally out to the skin. Getting your liver running smoothly will help a lot. Looking at what you eat is another big area, so perhaps see if you have any allergies to dairy or gluten that may also be affecting you.

I get cramp every time I have sex with my partner. My upper and lower legs and sometimes my lower back seize up and hurt like hell. It is really putting a spanner in the works. How can I stop cramp from happening? – Sexless in the City
Magnesium, magnesium, magnesium! You need to get yourself a good magnesium supplement and have it every day! You will notice a difference immediately. Perhaps a nice warm up too, ease into it and don’t race for the finish line… but first,

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