BMW’s Latest Ambassador Linked to Anti-LGBT+ Figures

Sonny Bill Williams in a BMW

It’s no secret that Sonny Bill Williams is Muslim, but what has been brought to express‘s attention is that his close ties with Islamic preachers who are strongly anti-LGBT+, as well as being anti-Semitic.

Given that BMW dropped Williams back in 2007 for a string of what some would consider more minor offences – public indecency, speeding and destruction of property – you would think that they would give more thought over bringing him back again.

Here a few tweets regarding preachers Mufti Menk and Ebrahim Bham:


Not only this, but when people started commenting about this on BMW’s Facebook page, their comments were promptly removed.

Sure, we can’t always judge people by their friends, but when you’re a public figure, you are held to a much higher standard.