Chelsea Handler Vows to Keep Fighting for LGBT+

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has taken to Instagram to say that she will not stop fighting for minorities and that she will not stop being political or aggressive.

The comedian and talk show host says, from her room in Mumbai, “I am a white women of a lot of privilege. I make a lot of money and I don’t have a lot of problems, and a lot of what this administration has proposed thus far won’t even affect me personally. I don’t need Planned Parenthood. I can pay for my own medical care. I’m not an immigrant. I was born here. I’m not Muslim. I’m not Mexican. I’m not black. I am not gay, I’m not transgender.

“But, I know this country is based on inclusiveness, on welcoming people. On loving people that are not like you. On not worrying about how something impacts your life personally, but how it impacts all the people around you and all the people that aren’t around you. It’s compassion and it’s empathy. And I will fight for it, and if I come off as being aggressive, it’s because I care so much about doing the right thing.”


With the current White House’s wavering position on LGBT+ rights, having A-list celebrities continue to campaign is a vital and necessary tool for the LGBT+ movement.


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