Malaysian Government Promotes Gay Conversion Therapy in Video

Still from JAKIM's video comparing sexuality to racehorses

Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, has just gone and released a government-sanctioned video that basically encourages gay Muslims that they should go on the ‘straight’ path.

The video is entirely in Malay, and was posted by Syed Azmi, whom Malay Mail Online classes as a ‘social activist’.


The video compares sexuality with horse racing, saying that people who find they have a different orientation, and wish to change it, they should receive extensive training and guidance.

Gay conversion therapy has been banned in multiple countries, and its efficacy has been debunked by numerous scientific studies.

What is curious is the way the comments are going, with many praising the video for taking a softer and more welcoming approach to LGBT+ issues.

Sorry, but you can’t pray the gay away.