Express has teamed up with some of our favourite motoring enthusiasts and industry experts, to share their stories of finding the car that pushed all the right buttons.

Richard Pretious (Principal Dealer at Armstrong Motor Group) loves the Peugeot 3008 GT


I joined Armstrong Motor Group on the 3rd February 2017, the day after I arrived in New Zealand! I love working with the Peugeot & Citroen brands because of the customers that they bring to the dealership. They have a fun outlook on life, live for the moment and enjoy the finer things.

My favourite car is the 3008 GT, especially with the opening panoramic glass sunroof and the Nappa leather upgrades. The car drives like no other SUV and is packed full of toys for instance like the three different fragrances or the five different types of seat massage you can choose (including my favourite the Cat Paw).

I love the way that the car drives when you turn on the sports mode, the display turns red, the suspension goes stiff and you just know it’s time to have some fun.

One feature that I use the most and wouldn’t be able to live without is the Apple car play. I use this, every time I sit behind the wheel, asking Siri to call someone or direct me to my next destination is a great invention, and when it displays the map with directions on the 8” screen in the centre of the dash it always impresses the passengers.

The 3008 GT also has the coolest adaptive cruise control system that I have experienced, not only does it adjust your driving speed to follow the car in front at a safe distance, but you also get a neat visual on the 12.3” digital icockpit screen. It also has a huge list of active and passive safety, the active city break is always watching and always working, it has saved me from a couple of embarrassing accidents already.

“Exclusive, versatile, confident.”