Express takes a perch to cluck Aotearoa’s most Insta-famous Chooks Womble and Bumble to discuss life outside factory farming and their mission to raise awareness of animal welfare throughout NZ.

After being rescued from a factory farm at just 4 weeks old, food-obsessed Womble, and her Netflix-obsessed sister Bumble now reside in Auckland with their Mum Roz and best friends, Alfie, the Cat and Mary Jane, the Lamb.

The duo who’s popular Instagram page has followers flocking to it, hope to use the platform to raise awareness that all hens are unique, have individual personalities, and just want to be free-range.


“Just like people, we are both very different, despite being hatched just a few scratches away from each other,” Womble clucks. 

“I’m certainly more the thinker out of the two of us,” Bumble claims, “I much prefer to sit back and observe, while Womble finds the food, and investigates anyone and anything.”

Womble looks for food in the flowers

Despite their Insta-fame, the cluckers haven’t let the attention go to their heads.

“Yes of course I love the photo-shoots that go along with having a following, but for me, nothing beats sitting down and watching David Attenborough,” Bumble explains.

Womble agrees, adding that her guilty pleasure is as simple as gorging out on some fresh blueberries, Pineapple, and Watermelon. “Food is a slight obsession for me, unlike my sister who’s worried about her figure! I consider everything food until proven otherwise… even Mum’s iPad!”

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express’ Five Favourite Chicken Facts:

  1. Chickens are smart – they understand cause and effect, and anticipate and plan for the future.
  2. Chickens dream – they experience REM sleep which is when dreams occur.
  3. Chickens can recognise more than 100 faces – both humans and other animals.
  4. Chickens communicate using a wide range of sounds – Mother hens even start talking with their babies while they are still inside the egg.
  5. Chickens are really curious – they love to explore and try new experiences.

– Since express went to print Bumble has sadly passed away, however, you could still see parts of her incredible life and continue to follow Womble on Instagram.