200,000 Celebrate Pride in Taiwan

“Together, make Taiwan better”

Over 200,000 people turned out to celebrate Taiwan’s first Pride since the nation became the first Asian nation to legalise same-sex marriage.

Growing by over 50,000 people from the previous year, organisers of the Pride parade say that the record turnout highlights the progress that has been made, and also shows growing support for future LGBTI rights gains the country. 

“Marriage equality is the beginning, it’s not the end,” explained Leong Chin-Fai to AFP. “We hope to keep pushing for issues including recognition of international marriages, parental and adoption rights.”


While over 2,000 LGBTI couples who have recently tied the knot were in attendance at the Pride parade, many stressed that despite Taiwain’s historic move, LGBTI people in Taiwan are still unable to adopt children unless it is the biological child of their partner. They are also unable to marry foreigners from countries where same-sex marriages aren’t recognised.

Aiming to raise awareness of these issues, Pride organisers fittingly decided that 2019’s theme would be “Together, make Taiwan better” – promoting tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of the nation’s rainbow community.