Chants of “Trans Lives Matter” lead the way as the Auckland Pride March descended from Albert Park to Aotea Square for the 2021 Pride Party.

Despite complications for events planning caused by recent Covid-19 outbreaks and changes in Alert Levels the Auckland Pride March (formerly OurMarch) went off without a hitch. 


Crowd control officials told express they estimate around 9,000 people participated. Spectator numbers were lower than previous years with few people lining the streets, potentially highlighting nervousness around the Coronavirus still present in Auckland communities.

Earlier in the day Auckland Pride posted ‘Pride March Calls’ to their social media with suggestions of: expand access to gender affirming healthcare, pass the BDMRR bill for accurate birth certificates for trans people, ban non-consensual surgery on intersex children, ban conversion therapy and decriminalise homosexuality in the Pacific.

These were largely ignored in favour of chants of “Trans Lives Matter” and “What Do We Want? Trans Rights. When Do We Want Them? Now!” Lead by Pride Director Max Tweedie.

The Pride Party is continuing the celebrations in Aotea Square until 11pm (entry is free) followed by the official after party at G.A.Y Bar (262 Karangahape Rd).