Support Group for Parents of LGBT Children Setting up in Timaru


The first meeting will take place this Wednesday!

In a first for South Canterbury, parents and caregivers of LGBT children will have their own support group established.

While based in Timaru, the support group will be a service for all of south and mid-Canterbury.


The inaugural meeting will take place this Wednesday.

YMCA South and Mid Canterbury youth development facilitator Natasha Dominey says the support group will provide the opportunity for parents of LGBT children to meet and “have a laugh or cry if they need to.”

“They can be there for each other” Dominey told the Timaru Herald.

Dominey told the Timaru Herald that the support group would build on the work the YMCA already did in schools with its Mates and Dates programme and provide an extra level of support and information for parents of LGBT children and teenagers.

“Some kids know from the age of two, three, four or five, others go through puberty and when the hormones kick in they know their sexuality is not straight. They have to figure out how they feel.”

The first meeting will be held at 23 Butler St, Timaru at 4.30pm, April 14th