We’ve all taken a nude selfie that captured just the right angle and during a flirty online chat shared it with others, but should we? Dick Richards asks what we are really giving away.

The internet is a digital ocean – and we are dripping. Every day we dunk ourselves in it, we drink from it and we soak in it. It’s filled with useless and useful information, and it’s also filled with perfectly lit nudes. It would be hard to find someone nowadays who hasn’t sent or received a dick pic, and if you haven’t done or experienced either – well I want to meet you and give you a lie detector test!

It’s part of the online hook-up nature, isn’t it? You want to see what you’ll be playing with. See before you try and try before you buy – that’s what we’ve been taught. But who’s got your nudes? Mark Zuckerberg? The FBI? Your boss? The bigger question is, what are they going to do with them?


The obvious and wise thing to do would be not to include your face when you send a nude pic. It would be pretty hard to match a random dick pic with someone’s face. But we’ve all encountered the ones who insist on face plus dick ‘because they’ve been catfished before’ or maybe you’ve been the one on the insisting end for that very reason. But when you press send, you’re taking a risk, you’re trusting this random stranger (who could be anyone) is not going to do anything dodgy with your pictures and use them against you. You’re trusting they’re not going pawn off your pic as their own or show it to anyone else, basically, you’re trusting them with your dick. And no one owns that, but you. 

We know the internet is filled with freaks and liars, but it’s also filled with genuine good-intentioned people and it can be hard to tell who’s who. I’m not here to feed paranoia, but to maybe give a wake-up call to make wise decisions. The online hook-up culture is literally filled with assholes and dicks, but if you’re wanting human connection (which I think deep down is often the motive for a hook-up) then a nudie pic isn’t essential. Meeting the person first is the good step, then go from there. After all, chemistry is more important than a shaft. 

I had someone screenshot a nude of me once and I was furious. It was such a breach of trust and I hope it’s been deleted. But I will never know. I will never know what any of the people I’ve sent a dick pic to will do with it. Hopefully, forget who’s dick it was and just delete it.

It’s also worth mentioning you can’t trust a nudie pic. We are so good at altering our pics, getting the perfect lighting for our curves and muscles alongside the best angles. We’ve become Kardashians.

Sometimes we’re simply looking for validation. To send a hot nude and have someone say they want to do all sorts of things to you can be nice, but fleeting. That dopamine rush will be gone as soon as you cum – I know you know exactly what I’m talking about. And are you okay with this person having your nude in their phone for as long as they want? Do you trust this person won’t screenshot? I know this isn’t something we think about when we’re in the throes of our horny state but it’s definitely what we should be.

Next time you send a nude to a stranger, remember you’re giving something away you can’t get back. I just wonder if it’s worth it.