Sports Commentator Suspended In Belgium For Homophobic & Misogynistic Comments On Air

Belgian basketball federation

Belgium’s public broadcast network has suspended one of their sports commentators following an incident in which he made homophobic and misogynistic comments about the women’s national basketball team.

The incident which occurred during a Facebook Live as the team was returning from the Tokyo Olympics included commentator, Eddy Demarez calling one of the women “manly” along with claiming that all the players on the team were gay – except for one.

Demarez, who has now been reprimanded by VRT faced widespread backlash during his commentary and has since released a statement of apology in response via VRT.


In the statement, Demarez claimed that he was simply overexcited by the athletes coming home from Tokyo.

The Belgian Basketball Federation is also reported to be considering further legal action and has asked for VRT to fire Demarez if he refuses to resign.

“We worked towards this moment for years, we sacrificed everything and gave everything we had. Our dream has become reality but we wished for more. We know that fans are proud, and now we’ll try to be proud of ourselves, on the road we have all travelled together,” the federation explained in a statement.

“Physically, but especially mentally, we were empty when we arrived in Zaventem. Mr Demarez‘s disrespectful and hurtful words were a heavy blow that we just can’t take at the moment and they’ll be a stain on the peak of our careers.”

“Fortunately, we are strong together as a team and fans. This is one of many examples of why we will continue to be committed to equality.”

“A new generation is coming, with the right values ​​and with respect for each other!” the federation concluded.