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Dallin H Oaks
One of the Mormon Church's top leaders has reiterated the faith's opposition to LGBTQ+ rights with an anti-same-sex marriage and transphobic rant.  Dallin H Oaks, who is the second-highest-ranking leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Mormon church), made the comments during a...
LGBTQ+ Christians
Results from a new survey in the United Kingdom have shown that the majority of LGBTQ+ Christians don’t feel safe being themselves at church.  Fearing “hostility and discrimination,” of the 750 LGBTQ+ Christians surveyed, just 31% felt they could “be themselves” at church. The report, organised by the Ozanne Foundation, in...
Launched on World Mental Health Day, LGBTQ+ Christians in the United Kingdom are being invited to take part in a vital new research project that will examine the impact of "the increasingly toxic rhetoric around sexuality and gender identity" from within the Church. Aiming to measure how safe "increasingly vulnerable"...

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