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Dance Your Heart Away!

There is a school of thought in Kingsland that the expression of the arts is for absolutely everyone. That regular performance is the key to...

The Good Soul of Szechuan

Bertolt Brecht’s play gets a reinterpretation in this Auckland Theatre Company Production. Shen Te, played by Robyn Malcolm, is a “tart with a heart”, compassionate...

Eastern Boys – NZ International Film Festival 2014 Top Picks

The New Zealand International Film Festival 2014 has many a treat in store as it makes it’s way around Aotearoa.  express top pick | Eastern...

LYC Tours Christchurch

After pumping nights in Auckland and Wellington, it’s time to take the action to Christchurch. "We're excited to be partying in Christchurch this weekend and spreading condom love. Our Christchurch parties...

Ru Paul’s Adore Delano to Grace the Stage at Auckland’ Legend Bar and Nightclub

The "pop rock mermaid" and self proclaimed "polish remover" shook things up on Season 6 of Ru Paul's drag race, and now Adore Delano...

Dance Workshops With Willie Gomez

Direct from dancing with Britney in Vegas to workshops in West Auckland Brought to you EXCLUSIVELY by Academy D & Dance Works NZ. Proudly Supported by...

Camp Cabaret Takes Over Town Hall

Auckland’s inaugural International Cabaret Season brings big international and local names to the stage. Expect songs of heart break, suggestive dance moves, fake eye-lashes and...

One (Mad) Man Show!

Oliver Hall talks to Bryan Batt, the openly gay star of Mad Men and 12 Years of Slave about bringing his talents to the...

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