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Orcon Encourages Queer Businesses To Take Advantage Of Free Broadband Initiative

With Auckland now approaching its 10th week of lockdown, Kiwi internet provider Orcon is offering free broadband for small businesses for 6-months. Orcon, which are...

Poem: “It Will Be Okay” by David Stock

Aucklander David Stock wrote It Will Be Okay for his mother when she was going through a difficult time. “I wanted to give her...

Queer Kiwis in Level 3 Lockdown: Elena Kim

As part of series of Lockdown interviews, express talks to notable community members about their Level 3 experience. Today we talk to Rainbow Auckland...

Queer Kiwis in Lockdown: Bianca Hartley

On Auckland's last night at Level 4 Express checks in with another notable member of our LGBTQ+ community, performance artist and business owner Bianca...

Kiwis in Level 4 Lockdown: Flavio Villani

With Auckland facing another week of Lockdown, express talks to queer community members about how they keep a level head in these trying times....

Queer Kiwis in Lockdown: Ben Payne

Not all lockdowns are equal! Ben Payne is isolating at his parent's farm in Geraldine on the South Island. He is missing the mountains,...

Kiwis in Level 4 Lockdown: Karen Ritchie

Express talks to notable members of our LGBTQ+ community to find out how they are doing in Level 4 Lockdown and hear their tips...

Queer Kiwis in Lockdown: Luke Bird

Māori TV host the Birdman, Luke Bird is missing sex, laughter, espresso martinis and being irritatingly loud in restaurants! Here the entertainer shares his...

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