Aucklander David Stock wrote It Will Be Okay for his mother when she was going through a difficult time. “I wanted to give her a message of hope like she gave me when I was coming out,” he says and shares his work with us below.

“It will be okay”

That’s what you said when I told you I was gay 


I didn’t know it then but that was what I needed to hear 

Like a cheek needs a tear. 

Like a song needs an ear 

With those four words, I lost all fear 

Mum, I am your son 

You made these hands

You made this boy 

Faults and all 

You once told me that I could be anything I want to be 

What if all I am is you 

I have your eyes 

Your heart 

Your feelings 

I have your mind,

Overthinking, overused.

I have your DNA,

Your shadow.

Well, Let me tell you one thing, Mum.

If being your son is all I am to be,

Then I’ll die happily. 

See I’ve grown now into this man 

I’ve watched my face change like the seasons in a Forrest.

Small brittle branches filled now with spring colours. 

I’ve seen the wonders of the world through these eyes you planted in me

In my winter where I was nothing but a silhouette 

You said those 4 words and gave me life.

So now in your winter, I return to you, my mother. 

And from this mouth I proudly wear 

I say to you, 

“It will be okay.”