This month express editor Sarah Murphy chats with the couple that everyone is talking about, Ben and Aaron from Married at First Sight.

What is it like seeing your life, and your marriage, play out on TV?

Ben: I’ve just learnt to laugh when watching it. I know the pressure I was under to make it work. So I know why I was how I was.

Aaron: It’s been quite uncomfortable watching everything play out on TV. I look at the things I’ve said and done with hands over my eyes sometimes and cringe every now and then. But I have to remember that this is the most stressful situation I’ve ever been in and when faced with stressful circumstances and when alcohol is added to the mix, you do some things that people say are weird or uncomfortable – but nobody ever knows how they’re going to act in a particular circumstance until it happens to them. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I have to remember that only the juicy and unusual bits make it to TV. Nobody gets to see the normal parts of our lives. 


What is one thing about your husband that makes you smile?

Ben:  Aaron is a very caring person, which always amazes me and makes me smile. It takes a lot of patience and time to be as caring as him.

Aaron: It took me a while to get the hang of his sarcastic humour but once I clicked onto it, it always makes me laugh at how utterly ridiculous some of the things he says are.

Tell me something about yourself that might not come across on TV.

Ben: My sense of humour, its quite a mellow dramatic dark humour, quite sarcastic. Which doesn’t translate well on TV. Only people who know me pick it up when they watch. 

Aaron: As part of my job, my aim is to keep the peace, calm people down and have civil and calm conversations. Yelling and arguing does not help and this has transformed the way I deal with personal problems too. I may appear very passive or timid on the show and appear to not stand up for myself. In reality however, I just have a very long fuse and will avoid confrontation where I don’t think it will help. When that fuse burns out though, look out! 

When you were a kid, what did you always dream of doing?

Ben: My biggest dream was to live in NYC (Which Is the first thing I did when I was free from the shackles of High school) 

Aaron: I always grew up wanting to be a Police Officer. I definitely will still consider it in the future but for now, I’m really enjoying my current career. 

What is the best marriage advice you have received? 

Ben: In complete honesty, I didn’t receive any. It all happened so fast. 

Aaron: Never go to bed angry.

What is your biggest achievement (so far)?

Ben: At the age of 18 I made a goal to travel to every continent on the planet before I was 25, which I did. 

Aaron: Going back to university to study as an adult and studying full time while working full time has been quite an achievement.