Renowned express social photographer Peter Jennings has taken some of our greatest scene pictures over the last few years. He tells us how he is coping with Level 4 and his top tips for surviving self-isolation.

Tell us about your Level 4 Lockdown.

I’m classed as an essential worker in the day job that I do, so I’m fully masked up all day in a role that’s called Transaction Coordinator (aka mindless data entry). I live between two places, my rented place in Mt Albert and my partner’s place in Onehunga, lately, she has been cooking fancy lockdown meals so I’m mainly with her a most wonderful hard-working Tongan human, who is also classed as an essential worker as a caregiver. So, lockdown life is basically the same except there is no photography work.


What are your top tips for express readers who are struggling with self-isolation?

Well, if you’re hitting an all-time low and I know how that really feels, there is a song by David Bowie, called “Rock N Roll Suicide” that captures the essence of what you need to hear to come back from the dark. Just remember you’re not alone and you’re wonderful, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and chip away at the small stuff and you will reach the promised land before you know it.

What is the most positive aspect of self-isolation you’ve experienced so far?

It’s been a reset for me. I like the quietness of not hearing traffic and nature having a voice again, looking out at the ecosphere, it’s kind of good that these dick head governments are taking a hammering and it’s good to see that some of the celeb influencers have been rendered irrelevant as well. That’s all making the world a better place in the long run.

What are you missing most about ‘normal life’?

First of all, there is no such thing as normal but what I do miss is the photography. I Love people even though, I’m awful in that, I quite often don’t have the time to really get to know who I photograph but still I love them in my heart and soul; anyone who is creative in this largely ultra-conservative world that I’m passing through.

What will be the first thing that you can’t wait to do when regular life resumes?

Photograph a show or an event. I have stuff lined up till Feb of 2022! I would Llve to photograph Lorde. She is the female Bob Dylan at the moment. She throws a dart into the public domain and hits bulls-eye every time. I Love that woman.

Moving forward is there anything you think you will change about your life following self-isolation?

I have mainly said ‘yes’ and ‘okay’ all my life to avoid trouble, but more and more, I just let people know what I want now. Also, the well-being of others has to be on my radar much more as well.

Is there a closing message you would like to share with our gorgeous LGBTI+ community?

All I can say is play it loud! Keep shinning on don’t ever compromise on your self-worth. Remember you are wonderful, even when your mind is tangled up, you are wonderful as you are!